Silent box in open space

Silent box produces well-being in open space.

No more closed and isolated offices, fashion is open space. Open offices to facilitate communication in companies while bringing employees closer together. A work paradise? Far from it, according to the « open spacers », who suffer more and more from this office organization.

Noise reduction equipment in shared offices, such as acoustic booths, is booming. They are the new symbols of a very flexible conception of the work space, such as it is carried by the « millenials ».

These are small, felted, glazed and closed cabins, equipped as required.

While work platforms are increasingly being decompartmentalised, open spaces and shared offices have become the default layout modes, particularly for younger generations, the market for soundproofing booths is growing rapidly. These new facilities are becoming part of the landscape of start-ups, SMEs, third parties and large groups. They respond to two problems: the high noise level of open spaces, a source of reduced productivity, and the need for confidentiality to make certain calls or lead certain heads to heads.

It is equipment that promotes well-being at work.

Carried also by the development of « flex offices » (mobile offices) and by the increasingly exclusive use of mobile phones in professional life (to the detriment of fixed lines), these booths also make it possible to solve the problem of meeting rooms and corridors congested by people who make phone calls there, although this is not their vocation.